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Your files are stored on your device. We do not store your files on our servers and our servers never access any of your files. Your privacy is taken very seriously.

Yes. Your devices need to be on and connected to the internet so that we can facilitate a connection to access your files. If the host device is off or disconnected from the internet, you will only have access to what is cached on your device.

TechMine securely transfers your files. The transfer of data between your devices is secured using dTLS and each device is verified using Ed25519 cryptography.

All files are supported. TechMine can preview text, images, videos, PDFs, and audio. All other file types can be opened natively with the app of your choice. We integrate into your devices file system so that you have the option to choose how you want to open a file.

No. You can use TechMine from the web, although it is strongly recommended to use the app to get access to the full range of features. You can allow the app to have access to specific folders, while you need to specify the files the web has access to. The app can open any file types, while the web version is limited to files that TechMine can preview directly. The app can run in the background, while the web version needs to be open in your browser to send and receive files.

There is no size limit. You can send and receive any size file as long as the space is available on the device.

If two devices are on the same network, then the transfer does not need to use the internet and can instead use the full speed available on your local network.
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